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Now is the TimeWe all have fears and frustrations… every single one of us.  Often times we allow these to define our success and ultimately who we become.

Nearly all of the time, however, these fears and frustrations are rooted in things that aren’t actually true.  We wind up convincing ourselves that some awful thing we believe may happen or some perceived short-coming in ourselves is not enough to overcome whatever challenge we face.

Here are some resources that will help show you how to overcome these fears and why it’s time to put more trust in yourself.

If you don’t believe you currently have the knowledge or confidence in what you do know watch this.

Most of the time we are being told that the person who has 10 or 20 years experience is the expert in the room and meanwhile we have only been doing this for a couple years.

Watch this to learn why results, not time or branding is what really matters.

Most times we are taught to focus on the competition.  What are they doing now?  When are they planning to do this or release that?  Strangely, the most successful people and companies all understand that it is focus on performance NOT competition that creates world-class results.  The great news is that when we focus on performance (ourselves) rather than competition (others) it lifts an enormous weight from our minds.

Why does focusing on performance always create much better results than worrying about the competition.

I have heard it hundreds of times…”I know to have true control and to be able to design the life I want I need to be able to create my own income and not count on someone else.”  Most of the time it isn’t money or time that keeps people from starting their own business.  It’s finding an idea…not just the right idea but any idea.

This will help guide you and eliminate the fear of not having any ideas to start your own business.

So, do you want the good news or the great news?  Okay, the good news is that absolutely no one or nothing can keep us from succeeding.  It’s ALL completely up to us and in our control.  The great news is that you absolutely are enough and you have been preparing for this moment in time your whole life.

Watch this and learn how we really do live in a performance world.  It’s not about others, it’s not about talent and it’s certainly not about getting lucky.

Too often we fall back on what is comfortable to us.  Often, that means we go towards the thing that we have always done and maybe we’re even good at it although it isn’t our passion.  Our passions are the things that excite us, that inspire us, that makes us smile and causes us to stare into space and dream “What if…?”

We may decide the safe thing to do is what we have always done in life.  But, if we want to take control of our lives and create more income we need to focus on our passions more than our strengths.

When is it your time?  When do the permission Gods finally touch you on the shoulder and let you know it’s your time to go out and be awesome?  When do you receive permission to be the one who shows others how to do things better, faster, most efficiently or more profitably?  Maybe you are unsure because of that one person you know who has been doing that thing for 20 years.  Maybe you are second-guessing yourself because you haven’t written a book like that one person.  Or, maybe you’ve decided you can’t possibly know enough because you have never spoken to a room of a hundred people about this topic.

This will help you understand that there isn’t a single expert out there and we all have completely unique perspectives that will help others.

So, who are the most successful people anyway?  When we operate inside fear or frustration we lose our focus on just how much we actually know and have learned over the years.  We are really good at convincing ourselves that we don’t know quite enough or we don’t have the money, or time, or resources, or background, or pedigree or experience to become the best at anything.

Find out who are the most successful people and why it doesn’t have anything to do with talent, or luck, or background, or a degree.

The more fearful we become the less action we take.  We become much closer to ourselves meaning we are far less expansive in our ideas and actions.  We tend to jump to conclusion quickly and thus miss possibilities.

The next time you feel frustrated or have become stuck as to what you should do now make sure you slow yourself down and ask a question.  So, what else is possible?