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 One of the areas we all seem to struggle (mightily) is productivity.  Sometimes we are just stuck in our own minds just thinking of what we should do next or could do next.  Other times we are busily doing one thing after the other.  Still other times we are so good we are doing 4 or 5 things all at the same time.

Unfortunately, all of the above situations often lead to not being terribly productive.  Activity and productivity are two entirely different things and most of us cannot tell the difference between the two.

The one I see most often and struggled with myself for many years is trying to be so strategic, so perfect, so prepared that we just don’t wind up taking action.  Productive time is spent being strategic and preparing…for a little bit.

But, then it is time to take intelligent action.  Heck, even if it’s not the most intelligent action it more often times pays to take the Ready, Fire, Aim approach in business than to sit back and wait.

Most of us have been taught to model others that are successful so we can achieve like results, right?  There is a catch, however.  A lot of the time the things we see people modeling are not necessarily their areas of strength.  We are trying so hard to copy success that we forget that we aren’t really that good at what we are wanting to copy.

Instead, let’s make sure we are paying close attention to our own strengths and ‘stack’ them so that we are creating the strongest opportunity for our success.

We hear the phrase a lot and I would use it myself in the past.  “I want to become more powerful.”  The nuance between becoming more powerful and more potent is a very strong one, however.  Power means that you need to have others involved so that you can have power over them or the greatest power within a group.  Potency means that the focus is all within ourselves.

Don’t ignore this influential shift in how to use your internal strength.  Choose potency now.

Perhaps the most sacred thing we all need to watch and protect is our momentum.  For a lot of us just getting started can be difficult.  Once we get going and actually have some momentum on our side we often will allow outside distractions (some people even call it multi-tasking) to stop us dead in our tracks.

We all know that it is much more difficult to create momentum than to sustain it.  So, once we have some momentum built up it is incredibly important that we protect it at all costs.

Watch this to learn how to protect your momentum.  Whether you’re an entrepreneur or employee you must not allow others to take this from you.

We all need to focus on improving in these area.  The difference often times is not just learning these things but in actually using these everyday, all the time.  We get to decide every fifteen seconds what to be aware of, what to focus on, where to pay attention and how to do it.  Remind yourself to use these all the time.