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Bravo, you're the best!We all wear different hats at different times, don’t we?  We have our work hats, our out-with-friends hats, our visiting with family hats, maybe even our this-is-really-serious hat and so forth.

The area where I personally have struggled the most and have seen others do the same is being your truest self and deciding to follow our passions.  We are told over and over again, from grade school on who we should be or become.

We are told to separate our lives between work and play.  We are told to ‘get a job’ that hopefully we at least enjoy a little and then save our ‘fun’ for the evenings or weekends.

Most of all, it is made clear to us all that the thing that we absolutely love to do like writing, skiing, horseback riding, weaving, cooking, Harley Davidson’s…whatever, is NOT the thing we can do to make a tremendous living.  I am here to tell you that this old, broken model of how we are supposed to live doesn’t work for most of us.


Watch this to help identify your true passions because 77% of us cannot accurately name what those are.

The more we are ourselves…our truest self that is happy, excited, expansive, curious, playful the better we will do in whatever task we’re wanting to accomplish.  This allows us all to perform better and to focus more easily because we aren’t busy looking around at something else we’d rather be doing.

Look at this to see how it pays (literally) to focus on performance and excellence in everything we do.

One of the most amazing moments in my life was when I finally realized that I was capable of doing anything I wanted because it was ultimately up to me and ONLY me.  No one else could affect my outcome.  No one else could affect my level of success and no one could dictate to me how much I was worth based on what some resume read or a past decision I made.

It is our life and we are in complete control.  Learn how you alone can do anything you decide.

We have all tried to compartmentalize at some point in time.  Most of us are busy doing it every day, all day long.  We are busy living a life that largely controlled by others.  We are going to work every day saying things like, “It’s not so bad” or “It’s a Monday” or “Every company has people you’re not going to like” or the most common battle cry “Thank God it’s Friday!”

We are so programmed this is normal and acceptable that when someone actually tells us the opposite we look at them like they’re crazy.  The affect of separation is an extremely powerful one.  When we spend our lives trying to be 2 or 3 different people (one of which is our true self) it becomes exhausting, it becomes a struggle and we wind up under-performing and living in stress a lot of our days.

Decide to be the awesome you that you are meant to be.  The more of you that shows up consistently the happier and more successful you become.

We all do things better if we enjoy them, right?  This is a basic premise but one we are taught to ignore as we get older.  If you absolutely love it, it’s probably a hobby or something you just do on the weekends or while you’re on vacation.  But, don’t expect to absolutely love your job.  Making a living and designing a life are two enormously different things.

Your life your way isn’t at all about rebellion or shirking responsibilities.  It is all about deciding to design a life that aligns your happiness and passions so that you can become the very best (and abundantly joyous)  you the world has ever seen.

Find a way to do what you absolutely love and discover how happiness can feel throughout your days rather than spending half of your day looking forward to the weekend when you can finally be yourself for a couple days.