As a fitness professional, which has been in this industry for over twelve years, I can assure you the information and knowledge, Dallas possesses, is invaluable to advancing your career. I like many others thought I had it figured out. That just wasn’t true. Dallas Hardcastle will open your eyes to so many possibilities and get you to think in ways that allow you to reach your full potential. I’m grateful to have learned from him.

Now I have the ability to experience a career in fitness very few fitness professionals ever do.

Todd Schulze
Fitclique- founder & lululemon ambassador


Dallas’s energy and ability to quickly build rapport with people is phenomenal! His ideas and mechanics of communicating are off the charts! He is one of the ONLY people I will learn from regarding NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). I really enjoyed the body language and charisma training that he put together and I’m so looking forward to attending his upcoming seminar!

Serena Walker
Chief Adrenaline Junkie & Founder of Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs




You know immediately that he is sincere, that he cares and that he is going to make a HUGE difference.I had really high expectations given what I had heard about Dallas. He far exceeded them with in the first month. From there it just got better! I cannot recommend him more highly!

Debbie Marie Arambula
The Heart Artist – Internationally Collected Artist
Official Artist for Susan G Komen For the Cure