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When I was first getting started with my online business I was excited, passionate, hard-working…and clueless.  I was doing everything myself, felt all alone and was trying to exist in this brand-new world about which I knew absolutely nothing.

I kept learning “things” I needed to do but the amount of stuff just kept adding up.  There was no order or sequence as to what I was supposed to be doing first and once these “things” got done I would usually come to realize these weren’t the critical areas I needed to be focusing on right now.

Fork…Meet Road

During my first 15 months I struggled to make very little money.  It was devastating.  During those next 6 months I made more than I had in the previous 15 months.  But then came the “whopper” moment…the fork in the road decision.

I wanted huge success and I knew I had big potential but just couldn’t seem to make it work this time.  So, I made a decision that would change my life (truthfully) forever.  I decided I was going to invest in me and hired a personal coach.  Things have never been the same since…

I honestly cannot imagine my life otherwise…neither should you.


I went on to earn more in the first 30 days after my plan was in place than I had in the previous 21 months COMBINED.  This is not exaggeration…this is not hyperbole.  This is a blatant fact.  All I needed was someone to help me identify the single, most high-leverage steps I needed to take immediately and how to implement them now.  Once that happened my business and my life began to change radically.

“My life’s MISSION is to make sure you don’t experience what I did for 21 months and that you COMPLETE your most important goals in business and life.”


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