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Bravo, you're the best!I have always been obsessed with figuring people and success out…

When I was back in high school people knew me as some crazy extrovert.  The part they didn’t know was that a huge part of my drive to know people was to get to learn more about what made them go tickity-tock.

I’ve always been sort of weird

It really was a weird obsession but one with which I was seemingly born.  However, it has always served me well…very well.

When I was in high school I was looking for a sales job because I could really pay attention to what people were saying…and not saying.  I became really good at identifying what people said and what they meant; and, that was often really different I learned.

Literally from that point on I became the number one sales person at every job I ever had.  EVER.  This obsession with learning what each person really wanted was my passion.  Like a Snickers bar shoved inside a giant Twinkie…obsession.

I learned how to quickly evaluate people and situations, accurately diagnose a want or need and then prescribe the right steps or actions to fulfill it.

Magnetic Me

That’s enough about me. What’s your story?

I share all of this because twenty years later the obsession burns more brightly than ever within me.  Today, I relentlessly work to help individuals and companies to wildly change the way they view success.  I use my gifts, my experience, and thousands of hours of studying to completely redefine what entrepreneurs, sales people and executives thought was possible in their lives and business.Pick up the phone

When someone decides they want to work with me on a 1-on-1 basis through my Capstone Coaching Programs™ they know there is going to be some massive changes happening immediately.  Not some ‘high-level’ strategy or inapplicable theory that sounds neat-o but isn’t actionable RIGHT NOW.

No way.  Everything I do…everything…is a course of action to be taken immediately so the results can be realized this day.

Results?  What kind of results are you talking about Dallas?

I’m talking about helping entrepreneurs create brand-new businesses and helping them to become profitable within the first 90 days.  I’m working with online businesses that haven’t ever made more than $1,000 in a month and we push things over six-figures in the first year.  Taking a sales person who was stuck earning the industry average and helping them to nearly double their sales a year later.

Whether it’s 1-to-1 coaching (I hope you’re not looking for Major League results for Tee Ball pricing), being inserted into one of the most brilliant groups of entrepreneurs and “what else is possible?” business-brain mastermind groups (Imperium Mastermind, don’t cha know) or speaking on the topic that is quickly changing how people work and live, Project Blur™, I am here to do things that others either cannot or will not.

What about this guarantee I see?

Simple, I absolutely 100% stand behind everything we do.  From business coaching to our mastermind groups to our incredible online training courses.  We are completely driven to be nothing but the very best.  So, if something doesn’t meet your highest expectations we don’t expect you to pay for it.  We guarantee you will receive the very best of what we do every time, all the time.  We’ve got your back.  We’re entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs achieve incredible things every day.  We will change how you do business.  We will.

satisfaction guaranteed

Pick up that phone thingy and start pushing buttons: 614-313-3339

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